INFOPAX software suite
INFOPAX is an Airport Information Management System (AIMS) that is the core of the global management system through multiple software packages and communicating modules. From flight management to passenger flow forecasting and A-CDM, the INFOPAX suite is a management tool that can be adapted to airports of all sizes.


Airport Operational Data Base solution

INFOPAX is an efficient airport operational database meeting all operational needs of airports in terms of flight management. It consists of 3 functional modules: the reference data (AODB), the seasonal programme and the real-time programme.

Ill_Iso_Vert_Infopax AODB

Secure administration

Initialization of seasonal schedule

Rapidite Execution Vert

Automatic flight updates

Advantages of INFOPAX AODB

  • INFOPAX AODB shares its data with other RESA applications as well as any external systems.
  • INFOPAX AODB allows the user to manage not only the airport's basic resources (check-in desks, chutes, gates, stands, belts, etc.) and to define its own resources when needed (buses, gangways, security checkpoints, etc.).
  • INFOPAX AODB provides automatic data update based on information from airlines, handlers or any external system.
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INFOPAX 2022 Real Time

Consolidation and sharing of reference data with other RESA applications

Consolidation and sharing of physical resources allocated to flights

Construction of seasonal schedules

Construction of the daily program by initialization of the seasonal program, total or partial

Automatic flight updates

KPIs customizable by user and available on all pages of the application

A dedicated customer service








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