BAGERA software suite
BAGERA is a baggage reconciliation and tracking system, in compliance with IATA PSCM - RP1745, IATA PSCM - RP1800, IATA PSCM - RESO753 and ICAO Annex n°17.


Baggage Reconciliation and Tracking System (BRTS)

Based on the latest technology on the market, BAGERA BRTS is a complete baggage reconciliation and tracking system designed to ensure continuous baggage traceability from check-in to loading on the aircraft. BAGERA is not only a safety-critical system, it is also an essential tool in terms of passenger service quality.

Ill_Iso_Rouge_Bagera BRTS
RECO IATA Rouge Contour

IATA and ICAO compliant

Improved security

Baggage tracking

Advantages of BAGERA BRTS

  • BAGERA BRTS is a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution.
  • BAGERA BRTS provides reliable information on the location of a baggage at any time during its transportation.
  • Baggage handlers have access to information in real time and make the right decision thanks to portable scanners paired with BAGERA BRTS available in various languages.
  • Global monitoring and visualization of baggage management status are displayed on BAGERA BRTS workstations through an application running on a standard browser.
  • Compatible with the RFID standard, BAGERA BRTS is a solution configured to meet the airport's needs.


BAGERA Loaded With TC75
BAGERA Flight Mgmt Bags Detoure

Reconciliation of baggage/boarded passengers

Tracking of baggage from check-in to loading

Decrease of lost baggage or of baggage arriving at the incorrect destination

Quick removal of baggage if necessary

Recording of all operations

A dedicated customer service








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