ON BOARD software suite
ON BOARD is a decentralized DCS installed locally at the airport. Specifically adapted to airlines or handlers with no regular DCS, ON BOARD offers a wide range of functions covering check-in and boarding requirements, through a completely redesigned, user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface.


Management of passenger identity information

ON BOARD APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System) is an additional module that allows the generation of APIS information including passenger identity data (passport or ID), which will be transferred to requesting governments.
This module manages the APIS at departure and arrival.
APIS data is sent centrally via the RESA data center.
This information is available during the life of the flight and a posteriori in the event of any check or claim.

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Cost per passenger

Communicating system

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Advantages of ON BOARD APIS

  • ON BOARD APIS meets the governments' requirements in terms of passenger identity control (with no loss of time nor errors associated with manual entry).
  • The APIS managed by ON BOARD in the RESA data center are available to all airlines using the system.
  • Compatible with interactive APIS (iAPIS).
Maps with pins and passports, planning the holidays.


APIS can be completed with other data, depending on the requirements of the destination flight countries

Different data exchange channels with destination governments are possible: IATA type B/SITATEX, Web service, IBM/MQ

Continuous integration of new governments according to needs and demands

Cost per passenger

A dedicated customer service








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