CLEVER software suite
CLEVER is RESA's business intelligence software.


Generating analysis reports

In the form of a web portal, CLEVER REPORT provides statistical reports cross-referencing and analyzing data from RESA's information systems. Associated with MS Power BI, CLEVER REPORT is enhanced with KPIs and dashboards grouping together unrelated data to make it a coherent and interactive decision making tool.

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Decision-making tool

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Interfaces with Excel

System independent from operations

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Associated with Power BI

Advantages of CLEVER REPORT

  • CLEVER REPORT facilitates connection to data sources, visualization of key elements and their sharing with all relevant stakeholders.
  • CLEVER REPORT can be used on both workstations and mobile devices.
  • CLEVER REPORT includes over sixty reports as standard. Additional reports are added upon request.  
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Management of user rights by "role"

Possibility to subscribe to reports automatically sent by email

Creation of complex reports by linking existing reports

Dashboard management to instantly view the information needed for decision-making (Power BI)

Possibility to ask questions to the system in natural language (Power BI)

Visualization and collaboration on shared reports via mobile application (Power BI)

A dedicated customer service








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