Our MAJOR eGate at Lyon Airport

Developed by VINCI AIPORTS, MONA associates the travelers' face (previously photographed via their smartphone or a dedicated terminal within the Lyon St Exupery airport) to their identity and travel documents.

From check-in to boarding, via security control and access to the lounge, passengers no longer need to present their documents. Their face is their “open sesame”.

The MONA application is integrated into RESA's new compact automatic gate: the MAJOR eGate.
The gate is suitable for people with a disability or reduced mobility, and includes an integrated information display terminal.
RESA made the entire system universal and secure by integrating the biometrics offered by IDEMIA with all airlines (CUPPS system approved by IATA and developed by RESA).

This solution offers multiple behttps://www.idemia.com/frnefits to all the stakeholders involved::

For the passenger:
- A quick and stress-free walkthrough
- Health safety (contact free)
- Guarantee on data protection and deletion

For the airport:
- Health protection for agents (contact free)
- Optimization of passenger walk-through and boarding flow
- Better passenger control
- Modernization and design of infrastructures

For airlines:
- Health safety of ground staff
- Fast boarding

"The current COVID-19 restrictions are forcing us to rethink our processes for passengers and their interactions with airport staff and equipment. The biometric experiment underway at Lyon Airport was made possible by a French industrial collaboration with our partners IDEMIA and BOLLORE PROTECTION, placing high technology at the service of today's health and economic challenges. We are hereby proving possible the experience of a full passenger journey, with no contacts whatsoever and without hand-to-hand transmission of documents, while improving the process’ reliability and security. » 

Renaud WILLARD, Directeur Général, RESA.