RESA’s continuity plan

To deal with the health crisis linked to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), RESA is,implementing a business continuity plan for its employees and customers. The measures that we have been implementing for over two weeks are listed below and they will be maintained throughout this unprecedented crisis.

We are, of course, complying with government requirements and recommendations by applying a generalized precautionary principle:

  • - Our employees have been advised to follow the hygiene advice and measures required to ensure the continuity of all our services,

    - Every RESA employee who has stayed in or travelled through a high-risk zone (according to official definitions) during the last few weeks has been, is, or will be obliged to work from home for the strict two-week quarantine period.

    - The business travel of our employees is subject to the restrictions implemented by the various governments and we considered that the travel instructions available on the  must be strictly adhered to. In particular, we have formally prohibited areas that were "not recommended" for health reason.

At this difficult time for our industry, which is particularly concerned and affected by this crisis, RESA wishes, without panicking and with a sense of responsibility, to maintain dialogue and transparency with its partners - customers, suppliers - and employees, whom we want to reassure in terms of business continuity.

RESA is 100% operational. The support of our software is mostly done remotely and all our engineers and sales managers are available to respond to your requests. 24/7 support is also operational for those who have subscribed to this service.

We are fortunate, within RESA, to have been spared the symptoms of this virus until today. All RESA employees are therefore present in the company or remotely, to continue their daily work and remain at your disposal. Should a mission to your site need to be scheduled, we will contact you to organize it and to ensure that your site also applies all the necessary security and health measures.

It is in this spirit of sharing information that we hope to overcome, together, this exceptional situation. In terms of individual health, which remains our top priority, we hope that yourself, like your colleagues and your loved ones, will not be affected by this epidemic.