Lagos International airport, Nigeria

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) manages a total of 22 airports, handling over 20 million passengers per year.

The contract signed last summer between RESA and FAAN covers all of the country's international airports and includes the supply of 10 IT systems covering all airport operational management requirements:

CREWS and ON BOARD, allow passenger check-in and boarding, including through automatic gates designed by RESA,

BAGERA, a solution for the traceability and security of baggage loading on aircrafts,

INFOPAX, the core of airport intelligence, a system for managing flights and resources such as aircraft stands, security checkpoints and baggage belts,

INVOICE, aeronautical billing software,

VISTA, a remote display solution for both the public and airport professionals,

FAIRWAY, manager of interfaces ans message broker,

CLEVER, Business Intelligence software.

After the commissioning of Lagos and Abuja airports in December 2021, RESA will install the same systems in Port Harcourt, Kano and Enugu in 2022.

Awarded following an international tender organized by FAAN, this contract highlights:
- The competitiveness and quality of RESA's offer in a highly challenging environment,
- The added value of integrated systems, allowing Nigerian authorities to operate them together without the need for complex interfaces,
- RESA's resilience, as it continues to develop its business, products and resources in a tense health and geopolitical context impacting its entire economic environment.

FAAN wanted to renew the IT infrastructure of its airports to guarantee a level of service to passengers and airlines, capable of handling the growth of both domestic and international traffic.
RESA's selection was based not only on the performance of its systems and the financial competitiveness of its offer, but also on its ability to work as a team with FAAN in transferring operational know-how to local staff.

Lawal ABDHULLAHI, Operations Officer, FAAN 

We are proud to contribute to the upgrading of Nigeria's airport infrastructure, the largest country in Africa in terms of population, while significantly reducing their operating costs in a recovering industry. We are part of a long-term initiative with FAAN to make Nigerian airports a showcase for IT know-how in Africa. As an medium size private company, RESA puts its flexibility, technical skills and competitiveness at the service of airports looking for a new, more efficient and more ethical business model.

Renaud Willard, RESA General Manager